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Exactly how many lovers do females have nowadays hookup culture

Exactly how many lovers do females have nowadays hookup culture

University is an occasion of breakthrough for pupils – to grow their horizons that are intellectual they pursue postsecondary training. It’s additionally a period where in fact the search for knowledge does not simply end due to their industry of research. For a lot of pupils, there is certainly an extracurricular give attention to closeness into the quest for carnal knowledge. The flicks don’t lie – though they might potentially exaggerate – in terms of the actual quantity of intercourse university students have actually.

We carried out a study of 2,000 present and college that is former to simply take a snapshot of task in bed on U.S. campuses. We learned all about the frequency of sexual intercourse, probably the most intimately active campuses, the number that is average of, as well as the usage of security. Keep reading to see just what intercourse actually seems like on university campuses.

Your Quantity, Exposed

Like to see so how far your escapades that are sexual? Utilize this interactive device initially built by Dr. Ed that we modified to determine your university intimate publicity. Choose your college and go into the amount of lovers both you and your lovers have already been with. Continue reading