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We inform you of Ed Stafford – first to walk the Amazon River

We inform you of Ed Stafford – first to walk the Amazon River

Ed Stafford is walking next to the Amazon River for 524 times, but he’s still a considerable ways from reaching the end and their aim to become the very first individual to walk the size of the world’s river that is largest.

A 33-year-old previous Uk Army captain whom looks the part – tall with a stocky create and determined focus – Ed started their journey in Camana, Peru on April 2, 2008.He began with a other Brit, however their partnership didn’t flourish and after a few months he discovered himself continuing ahead alone.Fortunately he discovered an upgraded in Cho Sanchez, a 28 yr old Peruvian he came across in Saputu, Peru and contains been travelling with from the time.

These are typically now in Brazil, 400 kilometer east regarding the border that is peruvian trekking through thick jungle and swampland

The surface is practically impassable, and that’s before factoring in thriving populations of fire ants, pit vipers, electric eels and caimans, deadly health problems like dengue and payday loans WA fever that is yellow and encounters with hostile indigenous tribes or medication traffickers protecting their coca plantations. Continue reading