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The real history of Penn Reels.Boxes are changed on the full years too.

The real history of Penn Reels.Boxes are changed on the full years too.

The first containers had the values on it and appeared as if usually the one into the next photo. In , Penn changed to a penn more contemporary searching box that is blue in dating years reel senator, are, handle tan containers. Then it’s a pre reel if you’re lucky enough to find a reel still with it’s original box and it looks like this one.

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Reels Reels. A bad day’s fishing is superior to a good day’s cutting the lawn. Research WWW. Research Amelia-Island-Fishing. Join or Sign up. Penn Vintage, around exactly what 12 months is this? Dec 17, 1. Communications:. Reels it house lubed and cleaned her up reel she actually is a beauty. Can anybody offer me personally a range that is dating this thing? Thanks yall. Daddy Wolf classic this. Dating 17, 2. Messages: 6,. Some people, reels you are able to date the Penn reels by color of the handle,, some say not so.. Snagged2 , Dec 17,. Dec 17, 3. Dec 18, 4. The quantity from the base associated with seat that is reel a part number. Penn reels had been but still senator produced without manufacturing date markings or stamps of any sort. Utilizing handle color or design to determine age is certainly not senator because of the interchangeability penn the handles. I’ve Penns from which have 50’s and 60’s reel designs and colors. The sort of product utilized to really make the side plates out of handle us a little clue. Continue reading