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My Boyfriend Is Searching at Internet Dating Sites

My Boyfriend Is Searching at Internet Dating Sites

A Reader Writes…

I became wondering in the event that you may help me personally with a thing that is playing back at my head recently…

It recently transpired that my boyfriend of 15 months is taking a look at girls on a dating site before he met me that he used to use. I came across this down after he started initially to compose one thing in the search engines on their laptop once I had been sitting close to him, which raised their history into the search bar and I also asked “do you still have a look at …(dating website)”.

In the beginning, he replied which he has maybe once or twice, after which once I ended up being uncertain whether he had been being truthful, I inquired once again in which he then stated maybe once or twice per week. He stated which he just discusses it to make use of the event where he is able to look over it in which he can click “yes” or “no” (i.e. While he states whether they’re “hot” or “not”). He claims which he constantly clicks on “no” whether or not they’re beautiful. Continue reading