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Guidance for swapping away my fuel dryer myself

Guidance for swapping away my fuel dryer myself

My (rather old) washer blew through to me personally a few weeks hence (evidently this has been unbalanced for a time. Included the spot and I never ever thought an excessive amount of the vibration until it had been far too late.) and have always been getting a brandname set that is new on my brand new set (Washer HERE, petrol Dryer HERE) from Sears on Thursday.

They desired about $80 plus parts to set up them (I forget I declined having just disconnected everything myself, I figured it would be easy enough to set up the new ones if it was each or for both) and. I am perhaps maybe not specially handy but I am at about replace-my-own-ceiling-fan, remove-and-reinstall-my-own-garbage-disposal level.

I am perhaps not overly concerned with the washer, but I happened to be reviewing the manual for the dryer on the internet and it offers me just a little stressed. It discusses having to purge the fuel type of atmosphere twice, utilizing teflon tape (i did not see any proof of that regarding the old install), etc.

And so I wanted to pose the question- is it something which some body inside my degree are capable of myself or is there enough gotchas that i will cough the money up?

EDIT: I succeeded thanks in large part to the answer here- thank you today.

I finished up buying ‘yellow’ gas-approved teflon tape and an innovative new versatile gas line (to be safe. It had been $30 though!). Continue reading